GridPoint Controller (GPC) is integrated into the control cabinet with main functions such as human machine interface (HMI), battery management, control protection, status monitoring, communication management, data exchange, data storage, remote operation and maintenance, environmental adjustment, fire-fighting control, communication I/O functional flexible and fast expansion. It is the core control device of Cubenergy PowerCombo energy storage systems.

As of the external delivery of EMS data, GPC can be widely used in various applications, including renewable energy moving average, powerplant frequency regulation, peak load shaving, demand side management, distributed energy storage power stations, microgrid systems, EV chargingstations, urban energy storage power stations, industrial and commercial energy storage facility, and military base spare power stations etc.

Key Features

Highly compatible with hardware,

improve system safety and efficiency

Powerful data process,

communication and storage ability

Remote operation and maintenance

Flexible and fast expansion of interface functions

Supports multiple communication methods

and mainstream protocols