PowerCombo®, a high-performance, all-in-one, containerized battery energy storage system developed by Cubenergy, including a utility product portfolio for large-scale solar power plant plant supplement applications & auxiliary services, and a C&I product category for reduction and backup power scenario.


Leading Battery Energy Storage System Manufacturer

String BESS Structure

One-on-One String Inverter Correspondence Structure

SPAC BMS Technology

SPAC(Super Parrel Active Charging) BMS technology

Service Orientation

Cloud Alarming Process System and 7*24 Hours Operation Service Center in Dusseldorf (EU) and Huston (NA)

Cubenergy is committed to bring energy innovation to the world with leading battery energy storage system integration technology. Cubenergy has provided comprehensive energy storage system solutions and value-added services for EATON, Honeywell, Henkel, China Southern Grid, and other global well-known enterprises. By JUNE 30, 2023, the global BESS deployed is rasing rapidly to more than 1.2 GWh.